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French Lavender & Organic Cotton

<tc>WiesenTopper® - Lavender Meadow Topper</tc>

A deep nights sleep on a lavender field: The WiesenTopper (meadow topper) is our 100% natural mattress topper. Soft organic sheep wool fleece with scattered organic lavender from France is hand-stitched onto a base of perforated natural latex. The essential oils in the lavender filling provide deep, restful sleep and a pleasant night's rest.

About the Meadow Topper:

Topper for mattresses (in all sizes) made of natural latex and organic cotton (hand-stitched) 

Breathable Cover: Organic cotton (kbA), washable at 40°C For optimal sleep hygiene.

For optimal sleep hygiene: replace your topper every 2 years

Our trial sleep & return policy: If the topper does not meet your expectations despite its highest quality, it can be returned within 30 days.

Inner parts:

Made with hand-scattered organic lavender (origin: France) Free from any insects and living creatures. Air and shake the inner part as required.

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customer testimonials

Our Anna loves her sleeping place, such a cozy little nest and this wonderful scent! During the day she is always in the middle of family events with her 3 siblings and is still protected and in peace. We would buy this fine stone pine bed again and again... and the bed is really great as a cradle


I tried the WiesenTopper Mint and I am absolutely thrilled! The fresh scent of mint and lemon balm helped me sleep soundly in no time. The mattress topper feels very soft and comfortable and I was able to adjust to it with ease.


The mini bed is the perfect size for my daughter (3 years old) and she sleeps very well. I also really appreciate that the bed is made of pine wood, which makes for a nice scent.


I bought the new mini bed and already love it, even though it's not "in use" yet! The high-quality material and the precise workmanship can be seen, smelled and felt. I particularly appreciated the transparent communication and the excellent, personal customer service of the manufacturer. I give it the highest score! Dear Mr. Proell, I wish you and your family all the best and thank you very much!


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